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Marco Island Florida Real Estate

Marco Island - Miles of clean beaches, uninhabited islands, and sparkling waterfronts continue to beckon visitors to the exquisite resort community on the "Paradise Coast" known as Marco Island. Situated on a captivating island in Collier County, Florida, nestled alongside the pristine Gulf of Mexico, this city remains a haven for sunseekers and fishing enthusiasts alike.

Spanning an impressive four miles in width and six miles in length, Marco Island has solidified its reputation as one of the most coveted residential areas in the United States. Its allure stems from the breathtaking white sand beaches that adorn the Gulf, the crystal-clear waters that invite endless exploration, and the inviting subtropical climate that graces the island throughout the year. With a population of around 14,000 permanent residents, swelling to over 30,000 during the winter months, Marco Island has become a beloved haven for executives, professionals, and individuals seeking an exceptional quality of life, a wealth of housing options, and an abundance of outdoor activities.

The allure of Marco Island lies not only in its natural splendor but also in the comprehensive array of amenities reminiscent of a bustling metropolitan area. However, it retains the alluring charm of casual Old Florida, offering a laid-back and relaxed ambiance. Regardless of your preferences, Marco Island caters to various lifestyles, ensuring that each resident and visitor can find their perfect match. Moreover, the breathtaking views accompanying your arrival or departure from the island serve as a constant reminder of the unparalleled beauty that envelops this remarkable destination.

Renowned as an angler's paradise and a boater's dream, Marco Island boasts an impressive selection of over 90 restaurants, a thriving arts scene, and upscale boutiques that cater to even the most discerning shoppers. The island boasts an enticing mix of exclusive beachfront properties, inviting residents to bask in the lap of luxury, while golf enthusiasts can find solace in the opulent golf course homes with private golf equity. For those seeking a more private and secluded lifestyle, Marco Island boasts an assortment of lavish private developments, each showcasing a unique architectural style, diverse value propositions, and an array of floor plan options.

Irrespective of your chosen abode or the part of Marco Island you decide to explore, the allure of the pristine and serene beaches of southwest Florida is always within a 10-minute reach. Discover the captivating wonders of Marco Island, Florida, and immerse yourself in an extraordinary coastal paradise that continues to captivate the hearts of all who visit.

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Marco Island Homes and Condos for Sale - Communities

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Anglers Cove (12)
$380,000 - $515,000
Caxambas South Beach Terrace (1)
$2,625,000 - $2,625,000
Cape Marco (29)
$1,150,000 - $11,000,000
Crescent Beach (1)
$1,499,000 - $1,850,000
Duchess I Condo (0)
$1,395,000 - $1,395,000
Hideaway Beach (31)
$395,000 - $9,750,000
Key Marco (17)
$220,000 - $4,500,000
Marco Beach (34)
$200,000 - $14,950,000
Mariner's Palm Harbor (1)
$2,200,000 - $2,200,000
Marco Beach Ocean Resort (1)
$699,000 - $699,000
Mirage (2)
$1,790,000 - $2,100,000
Marco Island (551)
$49,000 - $16,500,000
Provence Of Marco (3)
$695,000 - $830,000
Riverside Club (2)
$479,900 - $749,000
Seawind Condo (0)
$1,199,000 - $1,199,000
Tigertail (3)
$1,799,000 - $3,965,000
South Seas Club Condo (40)
$519,000 - $1,310,000
Tradewinds (0)
$450,000 - $599,000
The Esplanade (1)
$1,275,000 - $1,275,000
Waterway Pointe (1)
$1,100,000 - $1,200,000
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